Nasty C Drops A New Mixtape & Video

10 February 2016
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3
David Junior Ngcobo, or as music lovers know him, Nasty C has just dropped his latest, "Price City Deluxe Edition" mixtape. This time last year a mixtape called “Price City’ was dropped by a then young MC who was unknown and had no idea he would be dropping a mixtape that would earn him hip hop status and appreciation in SA Hip Hop in late 2015.

You see, "Price City" wasn't just a tape, but is rather the story of a young MC who waited his turn and is benefiting from the waiting. Nasty C is 18 years old, yet he produces, writes and creates his own music.

"Price City Deluxe" has a new tone and meaning to it now. Nasty C is returning to the one project that he made when no one knew him and nobody would give a 17 year old kid in Durban a shot.

Watch the official music video for Bamm Bamm:

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