Missy Elliot just came back better

27 January 2017
"I'm Better" goes all the way in!
Hip hop royalty lists from the 90s are incomplete without Missy Elliot.

Not only did she consistently body verses like a coroner, she stayed pushing the boundaries of creativity with her outfits, videos and personality. Thankfully for the younger generation that didn't get to experience the greatness that was Missy E back then, she's back! This Thursday Missy broke her regular silence to surprise us all with news of a new single and an accompanying music video. The track in question is titled "I'm Better" and believe it or not, it knocks like the delivery man.

Crafted over a disgustingly banging trap beat, Missy E spits signature ill verses in between a catchy hooks by Lamb. Basically it's lit!

Check out "I'm Better" below: