Michelle Williams opens up about mental illness

18 July 2018
<p>Michelle Williams&nbsp;</p>

Michelle Williams has spoken out frankly about her enduring battles with 'mental health issues', whose details she is yet to disclose fully.

Although Williams has been involved in initiatives aiming to demystify stigma and encourage those affected by mental illness to seek help, she says it hasn't been until recently that she has decided to do same. 

The former Destiny's Child singer took to Instagram, where she shared a heartfelt post with her fans.

In it the gospel songstress explains that she has decided to take some of her own advice and prioritise her mental health, while at the same time continuing her advocacy in raising awareness. 

Michelle's post has since attracted a wave of earnest messages from fans and loved ones, with high profile names, including the likes of Missy Elliott, being part of that list. 

"I want to lift our sis up in prayer because there are so many people battling this & many trying to deal with it alone" Misdemeanour tweeted in support. "No jokes this is REAL & as human beings let’s keep the ones who are openly dealing with it uplifted & be encouraging to them!" 

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Here's hoping she gets the all the help and all the love!