Micheal Jackson out earned all your faves, again!

01 November 2018
King of Pop Micheal Jackson has been ranked as the highest paid dead celebrity in 2018 for the sixth year in a row, according to Forbes

Michael Jackson hasn't been able to perform a day since his death in 2009, but the King of Pop continues making serious bank nine years later. 

Forbes has banged out their latest rankings for top-earning dead celebrities and some of music's biggest icons cracked the top 10.  Micheal Jackson earned $400 million this year, which is pretty mind-blowing considering that his estate is pretty much raking in billions based off his timeless catalogue of timeless bops. Amongst other things, Michael Jackson still has the best selling album of all time, a record that will continue being hard to beat in the era of streaming. 

Elvis Presley totters behind with earnings of no less than $40 million. Also considered one of the biggest cultural icons of the 20th century, Presley hasn't been around to put out new music since 1977.  

Bob Marley's estate can thank his bevvy of nostalgic reggae pop masterpiece for his sustained relevance 37 since he passed away on May 11, 1981! Marly banked staggering $23 million this year alone. Prince died in 2016, and this year he earned a cool $13 million, while John Lennon of The Beatles sort of 'took home' $12 million. 

Rapper XXXtentacion left us in June this year and comes just outside the Top with earnings of $11 million.