Ma-E Opens Up About Ntukza

14 May 2016
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A while ago, we had Ma-E spill the beans about everything. For 2 hours, we sat with the rapper as he answered questions from his fans on Twitter and he gave us the #CashtimeNakedTruth. Inevitably, the question about the rumoured rift between himself and his biological, Ntukza, would come up.

While Ntukza has been opening up about his separation from Cashtime Life and his fellow Teargas members‚ Ma-E said he does not regret any decision he has taken regarding Cashtime Life and his brother.

When asked whether he’s feeling remorseful about his brother’s departure from the label‚ the rapper – who co-owns Cashtime Life – explained that he isn’t feeling any pangs of guilt for how everything has played out.

Shortly after‚ Ma-E let slip that Teargas will be returning with a new project soon.

Speaking of the most underrated South African rappers‚ Ma-E pointed out that Maggz “is the most slept on rapper” and that K.O is his biggest inspiration because he’s had the opportunity to witness “every part of his journey.”