Lost in translation? Decoding Babes Wodumo's stolen USB saga

29 August 2017
Here's what Babes is really saying.
Imagine working on a hit track and then losing the USB that you saved it on?

That's exactly what happened to Babes Wodumo. In a video shared on social media, the hitmaker explained that the missing USB has a new song titled "Gandaganda" which hasn't been released yet. However, she also added that the song is apparently being played in some places.

Now here comes the tricky part... Babes has asked whoever has the USB to send her a link to the song so that she can delete it. Hmmm...

When you actually listen to what she is saying, it's not really what it sounds like. Of course she knows that you can't delete stuff from a USB via a link (hopefully, because that would be so 2090). It appears that Babes is explaining how the song leaked, via a stolen USB . She is pleading with fans to snitch send her links to uploaded (online) versions of the pre-mastered song, so that it can be taken down. It really has nothing to do with deleting the song from the actual USB.

We hope that makes sense.

Image credit: Gallo images