Lil Yachty Selling Designer Toilet Paper

18 March 2020
The American rapper goes for the bag amid panic.
lil yachty

As fears around the spread of corona virus continue causing a wave a panic around the world, one rapper has found an opportunity to go for the bag. Lil Yachty has decided to sell an expensive line of expensive limited designer toilet paper for those seeking to be cautious in style. 

Yachty, who rocked South Africa when he performed at the Miller Music Drop premium shindig in 2019, says this will help him deal with his recent financial woes. The toilet paper will set back consumers almost R 8500 for four rolls!

The 22 year old understands that the price may be a little exorbitant, but also that toilet paper is in high demand! In a recent Instagram post, he explained that the new venture needed to happen. 

“As u all may have heard, I went broke a while back so I’ve decided to flip designer toilet paper as a new career,” he captioned a photo of the product. “so bape toilet paper.. sure.. price May be a little steep.. but it’s a rare necessity currently.. so $500.”

Is he out of line or do you applaud him for the hustle? 

Photo Credit: Supplied