Kwesta's booking fee is still the same after winning SAMAs

01 June 2017
Kwesta sees no reason to change his fee.
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Despite winning six awards at the recent South African Awards (SAMAs), Kwesta's booking fee will not change.

Speaking to Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu on Metro FM recently, the rapper said: "My fee is still the same. If you've ever booked me for anything, my fee is still the same. It's always been said that as soon as you win something or whatever, your price goes up..."

He continued: "If I ever improve the show in any way and I feel like I've added value to the show, then I might hike the fee, not only because I'm a six-time award-winning [rapper]."

Kwesta explained that until there's something special he adds to the show, then it's still the same. "I haven't seen a reason to change it," he added.

Image credit: Instagram