King of curation ' 'I Changed a Lot'

28 November 2015
Notable in the game as one of hip hops heavily connected veterans, DJ Khaled is a household name and the word on the street. But when it comes to constructing albums, after so many years, is he anything more than a hype man? The answer to that is tricky and maybe even a little higher grade, but the gist is this: curation and consistency.

His eighth album in nine years, I Changed A Lot, is not a staggering statement of newness. It’s exactly what you’d expect from DJ Khaled, always measuring up to his own standards of grandeur. Fortunately these are high and include larger than life collaborations and vast beats. And we can appreciate a good chart topper. You get those aplenty in the album.

He constructs albums featuring members of his inner circle, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne  performing alongside a legend like Jadakiss, and hot young thing, Fetty Wap, who’s vocal histrionics deserve an accolade.

DJ Khaled is superb at putting on a great show. I Ride has to be our favourite. For laying a message that is so quintessentially him on a bumper of beat. It’s good to hear Jay Z on They Don’t Love you no more, but I Ain’t Worred starts sounding like the next track and the one after that.

You can’t get away from how commercial each track sounds. Sealed in a box to be delivered seamlessly into 2015 radio rotation. For those new to DJ Khaled’s sound, the novelty might wear off if you’re looking for something to sink your teeth in but its easy and doesn’t disrupt the status quo, which isn’t always a bad thing.

As for DJ Khaledi, the guy keeps adding the bricks and mortar to his powerhouse of a brand, with every mention, single or album, punting his greatness. Gotta respect his hustle. Got love his comical ego.

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