Kid X explains why he left Cashtime

01 September 2016
The rapper is setting the record straight.
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There's been a lot of speculation around why Kid X left Cashtime Life. The rapper made the shocking announcement was made about two weeks ago.

Since then, the label's co-founder K.O has shared his side of the story, adding that he's proud of Kid X.

X has also decided to come clean about why he left. In an interview with SlikourOnLife, he explained that there are two main reasons.

"The main and important reason was I felt like I needed to grow. I felt like at Cashtime, because of the way the label is structured I'd pretty much done anything, or everything everything that I could possibly do...."

He also revealed: "I feel like the label and I sort of stopped seeing eye-to-eye in terms of creatively, we were not really on the same page. Point in case, the mixtape. The mixtape initially when I gave it to the label, we were still in demo form. This is a demo that I was riding around with in the car, to obviously just finish off the project and to see what I could enhance, what I could add to sort of give it value."

He said the label wanted to hear what he'd been working on. "And I made it clear that 'yo, I'm still working. Obviously everything that I've got is still in demo form, but I mean you guys are obviously the label, you guys should be able to hear this product and imagine that... like I'm not saying this is what we're gonna take to the mix and mastering desk, this is something that we're gonna re-record, and so forth'."

He said the label "totally disregarded" the project. "Initially when I presented it to the label it was the album. So, obviously I got turned down..."

Image credit: Instgram: kidxsa