Kanye West trolls his critics on Twitter

31 August 2018
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<p>Kanye West&nbsp;</p>

Watching Kanye West creating memes of himself and then banging them out on social platforms to troll his critiques is one of the funniest things to have happened this week. He's already pretty much a meme for the most part, and arguably, one of the biggest social media trolls in 2018. But when critics of his tiny sized Yeezy slides wouldn't stop bashing the super small slides from his fashion label, the rap mogul created snaps of him wearing oversized ones and asked if these were alright for the haters. 

"Are these slides big enough [?]", he tweeted, obviously taking a swipe at those who've continued expressing indifference to the latest invention from the Yeezy fashion brand. 

Fans have questioned the tiny slides that leave the parts of the soles exposed. Despite Kanye West explaining them as "the Japanese way", not many people bought into the slides. 


Featured Photo via Getty Images