Kanye Releases Game Trailer

14 June 2016
Producer, hip-hop artist, fashion designer and famous husband Kanye West has been busy lately. When he wasn't working to put the not-so-final touches on The Life of Pablo or debuting Yeezy Season Three at Madison Square Garden, Kanye was also working on an interactive video-game companion for Only One — his 2014 single of the same name.

The footage debuted today at E3 and features a stripped-down version of the song, which follows an imagined conversation between West and his late mother about life, his children and growing older. As The Fader reports, Kanye's interest in gaming predates his music career, and he showed off some of the footage to developers at last year's E3. While the trailer doesn't offer many insights into the gameplay, it is lovely to look at:

Kanye collaborated on the project with animation studio Encyclopedia Pictura, known for its work with artists such as Bjork and Grizzly Bear. Although there's no release date, we think it's a safe bet that Kanye will pull a Kanye and release the game whenever he feels it's good and ready.

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