K.O is recreating himself

23 May 2017
Look out for music from Mr Cashtime!
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K.O has shared a heartfelt message with his fans. The award-winning rapper, who's captured the hearts of many with his music, has revealed that he's working on finding his voice again.

In a post shared on Instagram, the rapper wrote: "Woke up feeling some type of way this morning. Since '16 there's been people coming for me and my work simply coz they dislike me as a person, and that has affected my morale a bit. Have been dealing wt false accusations rumours ever since I went solo."

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He said people spew so much hatred towards him to a point where they try to kills his musical efforts and talent. He's also working on himself right now.

"My position is even more frustrating right now in fact. Especially since I'm being told to change my whole sound AGAIN. I created a genre just to walk away from it... So at this point I have opted to do some introspection and digging deep to find my voice again. I'm in the process of recreating myself."

Mr Cashtime revealed that he's putting finishing touches to records he'll be releasing in June, and thanked his supporters for the unconditional love.

He also left a message for the haters. "To all the naysayers/haters/non-believers and them, thank you for the love... PS: I'm taking all my riders with me through this journey of me working on the album. I will be posting videos and all as the saga unfolds, feel free to comment on the posts for suggestions. #DustGawd."

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