Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper Partner in New Single

30 September 2020
The two slow down the tempo on the collaboration.
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Justin Beiber and Chance The Rapper join forces in their new collaborative project, Holy. The single, which was availed on all platforms by the pop singer and rapper on September 22nd, finds them both delivering some feel-good melodies with spiritual themes. Both artists, who've incidentally detailed their spiritual journeys in the past, lay down vocals over sweet harmonies of a choir. 

Just before the single landed though, Chance did come under fire for saying that Justin's looming album will be better, sonically, than some of Michael Jackson's best albums. While Micheal Jackson comparisons always end in tears, it surely did work in terms of creating a buzz around the single. Visuals for the song have already scored Bieber yet another bragging right, having broken his career record as now being his most viewed video in a span of 24 hours. 

This would be the first single released by Justin since the debut of his Changes album, which premiered earlier in 2020. 

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