Jub Jub opens up about his prison experience

16 March 2017
The rapper is sharing his experience with the nation.
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Jub Jub is has opened up about life in prison. The South African hip hop artist was convicted of culpable homicide for the death of four children a few years ago. He served his time in jail, was released a few months ago, and is now talking about his experience, and being given a second chance.

Speaking to Bonang Matheba on her Metro FM show, he admitted that he wasn't given any special treatment. Prison don't care whether you're Jub Jub or not... because there it's another world..." He also said he found some really interesting people in prison.

"It's humans in there, it's not animals. I got to live with some people in there and stuff, but there was really nothing easy. Prison was really hard, and you know it's everything that you think it is."

When asked what kept him going while he was serving time, the rapper explained: "I wouldn't really say family that much, family was there to support me, but when you're on the inside you don't really have contact with your family. So, inside the only thing that kept me going was prayer and God because that He was the only person I was left with inside."

On what he's learnt from the experience, Jub Jub said: "It sharpened my character and around that I've got nothing to say but servanthood. So being given a second chance for me.

"I'm just here to serve God and do what He wants me to do, and to do right by these kids that are still driving recklessly, that are still drinking alcohol while driving, that are still on drugs... I've been there, you know, I did it I got the t-shirt - my t-shirt is hanging in prison right now - and I'm here right now, use me to hold you by the hand and tell you not..."

The "Ke Kopa Tshwarelo" hitmaker has seen both sides of the coin and is using his experience to influence other people's lives. "So, having experienced all of that, I'm saying stop it, you ain't gotta believe me but I've been given a second chance to guide you."

Is there anything that he would change about the whole experience? When asked, he replied: "Yeah, definitely. It would have been my decisions. 'Cause, you know, I made stupid decisions and I was growing up and made stupid decisions. If there's anything I would have changed on that day would be my decisions, because if it was not for my decisions I would not have been in prison. But at the end of the day, you can look at this is different ways. There was a plan for everything..."

The rapper said since his release, he has received overwhelming support. "Since I came out I've been spending a lot of time with my family, my loved ones. The love that I've been getting I did not expect..."

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