Joe Budden blasts Eminem

05 September 2018

Joe Budden is amongst a slew of rappers and high profile names who suffered the harsh disses on Eminem's surprise album, Kamikaze. We reported here how Marshall Mathers on Friday dropped his latest project without prior notice; thrilling fans and upsetting a few artists who are targets of some of the most talked about disses this year. 

But while Lil Yachty simply replied in the most polite of ways, saying that he deserved the lashing from Em',  Joe Budden wasn't about to take the mudslinging laying low. The rapper and Hip Hop commentator blasted Eminem's diss as a desperate move to proving that he "can still rap." In an I.G story, Budden suggests that the disses are evidence that Eminem might be nowhere near being 'one of the greatest rappers alive' as sometimes often touted in the mainstream. 

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That was just the start of it. 

Joe later proceeded to his podcast to slam Eminem's entire rap skill set. In an episode entitled TV & Mayonnaise, Budden claims that he's been a better rapper than Eminem for the past decade. 

"Let me tell you what Joe Budden has thought this entire time," Joe says. "I've been better than you this entire f****** decade!" 

In fact, Eminem's whole lyrical return has come short of substance. There's no content, in Joe Budden's view, in all the rhymes tossed by Eminem in the new album. 

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The beef between the two is said to go back quite far but was revived when Eminem's Fall mentioned Joe Budden in an entirely non-flattering context, which we can't type here.

What's your take on this 'beef?' 

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