JAY Z is officially a billionaire

04 June 2019
The road to the billionaire club has ended for Mr. Carter
<p>JAY Z&nbsp;</p>

The race to the billionaires' club has been an exhilirating one. It's also been very tight, atleast between the Legacy rapper and his contemporaries – Diddy and Dr Dre. Just last year, Hip Hop's iconic trio were a few millions of dollars away from being confirmed as the first generation of Hip Hop's very first self made billionaires.

At the time, there was enough reason to believe that Dr Dre might pull a last minute accelaration trick to outdo the boys and enter the club first. 

Not so, as we learned on Monday. Forbes Magazine has announced JAY Z as the first ever rapper to become a billionaire. Although he's enjoyed quite the successful musical career, in which becoming 'the first', acculumating chart topping records and redefining the landscape of Hip Hop is accross the world, becoming a billionaire is arguably Jay's biggest moment. 

Why, you ask? Firstly, because he's now a self made billionaire. That should be enough reason to garner your respect! 

But really, it's the full story... the full context, which elevates this moment for the culture. Shaun Carter came from a rough neighbourhood. Having to have hustled his way around the streets, he finally rose to fame in 1994. It's safe to say, we all know how he never looked back since then.