Jay Z covers T Magazine with insightful interview

30 November 2017
There's always something new to learn from Jigga

Could you ever imagine the man who once rapped "Murder is a tough thing to digest, it's a slow process and I ain't got nothing but time" would one day sharing about his experiences in couple's therapy?

That, along with other insightful revelations, are part of the subjects Jay Z talks about in his latest interview for T Magazine, the lifestyle edition of Time Magazine. Sitting high up in the Times offices, Jay Z opens up like we've rarely seen him do before and shares things we could only speculate prior.

Although the video is only slightly over 30mins long, acclaimed journalist Dean Baquet manages to get Mr Carter to give more on his beef with Kanye West, his true thoughts on OJ Simpson and even what J learnt about himself while attending therapy.

The interview is a work of art and Jay fan or not, it's well worth the watch. Peep the full interview here