Janet's found a friend ' Unbreakable

17 October 2015
We haven’t held a new album of Janet’s in our hands since 2008, when she spun us through an entangled web of her then electric romance with bite-sized and sexy tech beats in Discipline. Seven years later she’s still headlining billboard charts and a new kind of romance has emerged. Or maybe it’s just been rekindled.

Yes, this time around, She’s here for her fans. Having come somewhat full circle in her life and glorious career as a pop and R&B icon she’s back with more than a bang. Her latest studio album, launched on October 3, 2015 has already climbed up as her historic seventh No. 1 album on the Billboard chart. She’s also back after the tragic loss of her brother Michael Jackson.

All you have to do is press play and it’s like you’ve walked into an old friend’s lounge on a Saturday afternoon, her sound system blaring her favourite smooth jam only for her to emerge with the warmest smile and coldest drink. Honey, we have missed you! Your bond Unbreakable.

There is a sense of love, catharsis and sharing as the album gently walks you down memory lane. Walks you through your low lousy moments with the moving After You Fall and getting you back up and with it in Broken Hearts Heal.

In Dream Maker/Euphoria she reminds us, over a sultry bouncy bass, to take in the profound beauty that the world has to offer, while in the enchanting Promise, she whispers in our worn out ears the importance of keeping the promises we make to ourselves.

Her collaboration with the spicy and legendary Missy Elliot in BurnItUp is ambitious but could do better as it flounders over a dated hook.

Still, full of unassuming ballads and precious moments, some reflective and unhurried, others lighter on their toes, daring and wilful Unbreakable is simply, like Janet, timeless.

Someone called the compilation “giddy, grateful, grown-woman songs”, but Miss Janet effortlessly recruits us all.

Look out for the video to No Sleeep featuring J.Cole on Channel O

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