J. Cole's big reveal

09 December 2016
Who's Nina?
For the past week hip hop heads the world over have been impatiently counting down to the 9th of December. The date marks the release of J. Cole's fourth studio album '4 Your Eyez Only' and we're thrilled to announce that it's officially out!

We've already given it a few listens and early impressions will have us say it's just as good as we expected. That however is not the biggest thing about the release. Listening closely to the carefully crafted lyrics, one might pick up on Cole referring to himself as a father and a mysterious daughter. So the question arises; is J. Cole a pops?

In the second last song, "She's Mine, PT. 2", a small baby can be heard crying the background of the record while Cole even raps, "Reminisce when you came out the womb /
Tears of joy I think filled up the room" and if that's not evidence enough, the album review on iTunes speaks on how the rappers talks about "the responsibility of Fatherhood”! Cole's a daddy yo!

While there's no official word from Cole or the Dreamville camp, we're sure we'll be hearing something soon. Remember this is the guy who even hid the fact that he's married!