Nasty C reveals long kept secret

25 February 2019
The Coolest Kid in Africa just showed the world that it's Okay to be different, and to be yourself.
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Nasty C did something most of us are afraid to do this past week – to be completely honest and open about our vulnerabilities. The Coolest Kid in Africa shared an awe inspiring video on his Youtube account this past Sunday. In it, Nasty C reveals "a special toe".

"I finally accept myself for who I am, how I am and all my imperfections", he says in the clip, before removing a sock to reveal the toe. 

"I see the bigger picture... and the bigger picture is, I'm not the only one that's different."

The rapper, who's been in the studio with the likes of Big Shaun and T.I lately, tells fans in the clip that it's okay for them to be themselves. Nasty reflects on how's been able to hide the toe. In fact, most of his friends only found out about a month ago, while his girlfriend got to be in the know about a year ago. 


Photo Credit: Liezl Zwarts