Homecoming Africa To Give Back With You!

25 September 2019
The Cultural and Music Festival hopes to bridge borders through music, and are giving you the opportunity to be part of it!

Homecoming Africa has added a Day of Service to the annual festival.

In the hopes to bridge Pan African borders through music, the festival also believes in giving back as part of the process.The Day Of Service is an opportunity for event attendees to get their hands dirty while contributing to the community in which events happen. The day seeks to rally all event stakeholders to take part in the social responsibility initiative.

Homecoming Africa

We will be painting, cleaning and refurbishing the learning facilities of Pula Difate Primary School, in Mamelodi on 26 September 2019. 300 volunteers will be shuttled to the school from Pretoria Central where they will be given tools and materials to assist in the improvements of the school grounds.

Homecoming Africa is inviting you to attend the Service Day and if possible donate any tools, materials and services that you believe would assist the day. Head to homecomingafrica.co.za for more informstion on how you can get involved, and get ready for three days filled with culture and music at this year's festival!