Here's why Doja Cat has Gone Viral Again

09 April 2020
She's a gift that keeps on giving.

Doja Cat sure knows how to have some goofy fun, and break bits of the internet while at it.

And as if we could love her anymore, the rapper shook the trends when she delivered a hilarious Shakespearan interpretation of Roddy Rich's 'On The Box'. Taking to Instagram to keep herself busy during the social distancing, to the entertainment of her fans, Doja donned a bedazzled helmet as she jokingly gave the #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit some sophisticated poetic justice!

Sporting a vintage look from the medieval era, Doja Cat surprised fans with memeworthy moments on her Instagram Live with the play themed reading. 

"What's going on here", one Twitter user asked, accompanying the caption with a bunch of laughing emojis.

Others couldn't believe that the 'Say So' rapper was able to be entertaining during times some have described as rather apocalyptic. 

Doja Cat is not knew to social media virality, and it's clear she's seasoned in this department. 

The 'Juicy', who's been plugged as the biggest breakout female rapper of late, also went viral with her funny 'Mooo!' song! The track featured the talented star layering cow themed sounds, which sher she brought to life with a visual that took things further in the cattle universe. 

Doja Cat is winning. You can't help but stan!

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