Get to know eMtee Da Hustla

24 October 2015
eMtee's banger "Roll Up" has been catching heat since he released it a couple months ago. That jam has this week been the biggest mover on the Top 30 Charting, from number 29 to 13 this week.
Get to know Ambitiouz Entertainment's signee, real name Mthebeni eMtee Ndevu.

Roll up has been out for a minute now and it's been getting quite some airplay, what has that experience been like?
It’s been phenomenal, the most humbling experience is when people I look up to show love and appreciate my music.
The come up process is hard, what are some of the key lessons you are learning about the industry on the journey?
There are so many lessons but the one that stands out for me is become one with your craft, let the passion you have for your craft reflect in your music and people will love you for it. I have also learned that individualism is a good thing. I spend less time looking at what others are doing, I am not in a competition and I have set my own path, running at my own pace. I will arrive at the top right on schedule.
What can we expect from you, an album in the making?
Expect 1 or 2 more singles and a few features. The plan for the album is to introduce fans to various sides of me, versatility is what I’m about. My music is an extension of who I am, the lens through which people meet me and in my album I would like the world to meet me.
I have so may top dream collaborators but there are my top 5:
Tory Lanz(Canada)
Victoria Monet (US)
Hugh Masikela (S.Africa)
Nathi (S.Africa)
Mzambia (S.Africa)
There are quite a few you making a move for the growing Mzansi Hip Hop pie, what sets you apart?
Everything I put on a song is the absolute truth of who I am, my journey, where I have been. I have managed to give myself a different sound to the normal “Hip Hop” sound.
Describe yourself five years time…
I am aiming for the stars now so 5 years from now I see myself standing amongst the stars with every goal reached. I also see myself helping other upcoming rappers grow their craft.

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