Funny pics from the #CassperNyovestChallenge

19 December 2016
People are creative out there.
This year, we've seen many challenges on social media. Some have been so big and entertaining that even A-list celebrities decided to participate.

Who can forget the likes of Destiny's Child, Sir Paul McCartney and others taking part in the #MannequinChallenge? Oh, and that hilarious #UnameItChallenge, which trended for days.

Now Mzansi has created another hilarious challenge - the #CassperNyovestChallenge. This came after the rapper posted a picture of himself on Instagram.

And so, it began...

Pearl Thusi gave it a shot...

Even comedians David Kau and Skhumba were part of the action.


A photo posted by Skhumba (@skhumba_official) on


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Where's the chill, fam?

Image credit: Instagram