Frank Ocean teases a new album at Coachealla

17 April 2023
The R&B powerhouse made a triumphant return to the stage at Coachella, where he delighted fans with news of an imminent album.
Frank Ocean

As a rule, Frank Ocean defiantly maintains a low profile away from the matrix that demands the trappings of a ubiquitous display. Despite his extensive catalogue of immortal classics, the R&B powerhouse has not touched a stage in six years. 

But on Sunday, 16 April, Frank Ocean dominated social trends when he closed the first weekend at the Indio, California festival.

He dove deep into his lauded discography, harmonising and hovering massive vocals over a number of hits, such as Thinking About You, while also revving up the tempo with techno-inspired renditions of some toons. 

The Nostalgia Ultra hitmaker also took the time to allay fears of a prolonged break, and assured fans that his next album is in the pipeline. It would be his first studio project since the famous landing of Blonde in 2016. 

Ocean's fans were pleased to get up close and personal with the elusive star, who opened up about his years-long hybernation. He talked about the upcoming album, before laying down an emotional reflection on the tragic death of his younger brother, Ryan Breaux. The 18-year-old passed on after a fatal car accident in 2020. 

"Everybody talks about how long it’s been. ‘It’s been so long, it’s been so long.’ But I have missed you", said Frank. We've been missed back by Frank Ocean. 

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