Five Zimbabwean rappers you should know

24 November 2017
There some hot bars north of the border!

Just slightly over a thousand KMs north from the capital of South Africa, there's a blossoming music scene being led by young, vibrant hip hop artists looking to put their own stamp on Africa's music scene. These young lads are the custodians of Zimbabwe's re-imagined and emerging hip hop and boy do they know how to make a hit or two!

We compiled a list of some of the stand out ones and although the nation does have a wealth of other hip hop artists you should check out too, for now though, here are the first five we think you should know:


Hailing from Zimbabwe's second largest city, Bulawayo, ASAPH has rapped his way to prominence by telling sincere stories from the streets of the City of Kings. His bars highlight just what it's like to be a young man trying to find his way in a cash strapped society while still trying to scoop daijes.


Not too many Zim rappers can lay claim to having a verse from Abuti Fill Up, but not all rappers are the Bulawayo based Cal_Vin either. With an unparalleled work ethic, Cal Vin hustled to the top of the totem pole with consistency, dedication and hard work. All hail that Luveve boy!

Jnr Brown

Effortless flow and with more punches than a Tyson fight, the reclusive Jnr Brown is widely regarded as one of Zimbabwe's top rappers. Much like Jay Electronica, his discography is limited but that doesn't stop his verses from being highly coveted by fellow artists 


It's a tall order trying to find a Takura song that doesn't knock as hard as the popo at your momma's door! Not only does Takura have an incredible knack for penning club ready bangers, the Zimbabwean trap lord shoots some of the crispest music videos north of the Limpopo.

Tehn Diamond

The heart wants what the heart wants which is probably why Tehn Diamond put a degree in finance aside to pursue his career in music. Now with over a decade of raps to his name, Tehn is unequivocally one of the key leaders of the new school in Zimbabwe's rap scene. It's no wonder why his music has taken him as far as performing on stages like Big Brother Africa. 

Image credit: Getty Images