Five 50 Cent songs we'll play forever

06 July 2016
He may or may not be in your greatest rappers of all time list, but what’s undeniable is how 50 Cent shook up the game, killed our late 90s favs and became one of the most influential hip hop artists of all time!

Few hip hop heads can think of time when they didn’t have one type or the other of bootleg 50 Cent gear to rock while they bumped the ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ cassette on their parents stereo. In fact, if you look hard enough, you might just find your spinning G-Unit pendant still lying around somewhere in the house.

Nostalgia aside though, today marks an extra special day in the life of Curtis Jackson fans. That’s because the 6th of July is Fiddie’s birthday! Yes sir, the loud mouth, slick rhyming, moneymaking rapper turns a whole 41 years old today!

To celebrate this special day in Mr Jackson’s life, we’ve picked the five songs he has made that will simply never get old!

Piggy Bank

Diss songs are meant to be grimey, dirty and rugged. From Ether to Hit ‘Em Up, the world of diss songs revolved around hardcore beats and brutal lyrics. That’s until 50 Cent came along and literally clowned his enemies into oblivion. RIP Ja *pours some liquor*

I Get Money

Although the song came out when most 50 fans were still getting pocket money from their parents and worrying about unfinished assignments, that didn’t stop “I Get Money” from making us feel like we too were ballers and had racks on racks on racks!

Ghetto Qu’ran

This one is for the day one 50 Cent fans. Released all the way back in 1999 on the Power of The Dollar album, Ghetto Qu’ran not only displayed 50’s rap prowess, it also highlighted his ability to craft a highly captivating story that was reminiscent of the likes of Biggie and ‘You’re Nobody (Till Someone Kills You)’. A straight up classic.

21 Questions

One for the lovers. Every 50 Cent album has at least one classic love song but 21 Questions was simply out of this world. Posing simple yet sincere questions like would you still love me if I didn’t smell so good or what would happen if we weren’t rolling in a Benz no more, Curtis gave fellas the world over that chance to enquire if their girls were really as down as they claimed they were.

In The Club

50 Cent’s first number one single and listed as one of the best songs of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, In da Club was the larger than life single that still doesn’t fail to get a club extra turnt every time it’s played. No wonder the ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album has sold over 8million copies!

Happy Birthday Fiddy!