Emtee's message to young fathers

29 December 2016
The rapper has some words of wisdom.
It's no doubt that Emtee is one proud father. The 23-year-old rapper even named his debut album after his son Avery.

In an interview with Drum, the award-winning rapper shared a message to young fathers.

He first explained that he's always imagined how his life would have been like if his father was not around.

"I look at a lot of kids or a lot of people my age group who I grew up with, who didn't have fathers and see how far they've come, the challenges and the things they've had to go through without their fathers being there."

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He said it doesn't matter if you're from a rich or poor family. "I'm from a poor family but I still managed. Money and all the other materialistic resources don't really mean anything especially if you are there as a father.

"The child will even forget that there's a remote toy car that he needs if his father is always there playing games with him, running around. It's very significant. The child will also take on the world with a little bit of confidence knowing that 'I have a father'."

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