DJ Venom and DJ Le Soul take the BBMzansi Saturday Night Party

25 March 2022
This weekend's installment of the Saturday Night Party packs fire with a banging line-up, killer looks and suitcases on standby. Here's everything you should be expecting
BBMzansi Saturday Night Party

We're edging closer to the highly anticipated BBMzansi season 3 finale, so every party is all that much more special. After a week of plot twists, sweet victories and tough battles, the Top 8 Housemates will be looking to blow plenty of steam on the dancefloor.

With 5 Housemates up for possible Eviction this coming Sunday, some will be partying like it's their day in the House. Now that 3 spots are already taken in the Top 3, thanks to the Ultimate Veto Power Play that saw Themba secure a victory, there will now only be two spots for which the four must compete. On Saturday, however, everyone will be having a good reason to enjoy big groove. 

It's a good thing that DJ Venom and DJ Le Soul are on standby to finesse the decks and give the Housemates, as well as the people, exactly what they want. The party kicks off at 21:00 simulcast on Channel O and DStv Channel 198, and continues pumping out an upbeat vibe until 23:00. That means each DJ gets to do their thing for one hour. 

Themba, Libo and Tulz will be looking to celebrate their guaranteed spots in the Top 3. Following Themba's victory in the Ultimate Veto Power Play, in which he managed to trounce Sis Tamara and Thato, an opportunity was given to the rest of the Housemates to go and plead with Themba for him to choose them. After much deliberation, Themba stuck to his alliance. That left Gash1, Sis Tamara, Terry and Thato up for Nominations. 

The victors will be celebrating their win, along with the relief of not having to think about possible Eviction the next day. The Nominated Housemates have been packing their suitcases to allow for a stress-free party session. It would not be nice having to worry about packing in the middle of groove!

The Saturday Night Party is simulcast on Channel O (channel 320), and the 24/7 DStv Channel 198. 

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