DJ Dimplez's star continues to twinkle

20 January 2016
No one in entertainment business calls Tumi Mooi by his real name. Probably there are very few people who actually know it. He's managed to grow the DJ Dimplez brand so far and wide since adopting it back in 2004 that it really doesn't matter what his government name is.

We caught up with the DJ,Producer,business man, brand ambassador and more for a quick update.

You've literally worked with everybody in the game, what's your favourite collabo and what about it makes it deserving of that accolade? 
The Amantombazane remix was ground breaking because it brought people you wouldn't imagine on the same song together to create a buzz in the industry. The video was also fun and creative.

Who is on your "I would like to work with this guy" list for 2016 and why? 
I would like to work with a lot of artists. As many artists as possible around the country and continent.

Pop Bottles has been a staple offering from you for years now, what else can we expect from an eventing,business perspective? 
MVD will be coming back together to bring Trap Tuesday's at Prive in Sandton. That's going to be awesome.

You dropped Zeal last year, can we expect a follow up album? 
I don't really think albums work for DJ's as much. The industry just sees them as mix tapes and compilations. So I think I'd rather release smaller projects such as EP's or mix tapes. I should release something sometime this year.

Your assessment of the game right now - guys selling gold, getting commercial endorsements, touring the continent and the world - what do you reckon is next?
I think the SA Hip Hop industry is growing at a tremendous rate. As much as it's not selling as well, you notice the amount of illegal downloads happening. That's killing the game indirectly but it definitely shows you the impact of the genre. I see Durban artists working hard and promoting even more. Hopefully that energy spreads across to other provinces and in turn other countries around the continent.

What are the top five jams playing in your ride right now!

  • Da Les, AKA and Maggz - Real stuff

  • DJ Dimplez, Cassper, Maggz and Anatii - Her

  • DJ Speedsta ft Shane Eagle, Nasty C I want it all

  • Anatii, Cassper  x Nasty C - Jump

  • DJ Dimplez x Tumi, Anatii, Reason and Buffallo Soldier - Criminal

With so many hits to choose from, let us know which DJ Dimplez track is your favourite. Let your thoughts be known on our official social media pages via Twitter,Facebook and Instagram.