Dj Bongz reacts to gwara gwara going global

15 May 2018
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Since Rihanna broke out in some clean gwara gwara dance moves at the Grammy Awards earlier this year, the hit dance has reached new pinnacles.

The Durban cooked style, now quickly becoming one of the most popular street moves in global pop culture, also features on Childish Gambino's viral This In America music video. 

There's no shred of doubt that the gwara gwara has gone global. Unfortunately, says Dj Bongz, who boasts the credits of having founded and popularised the tough to nail move back in 2015 when he executed a triumphant to the charts with his smash bop Ofana Nawe, that popularity has left his role largely uncredited. 

Dj Bongz told TshisaLIVE that he does wish some of the artists who've used could have asked for his permission. 

In fact, reveals the hit music producer in the interview, he trademarked both the dance moves and name a while, and he will not hesitate  "to take action against anyone who uses it."