DJ Bongz leaves Mabala Noise

05 July 2017
It's getting real!
Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 9.33.31 AM
Whoa! DJ Bongz dropped a bomb on Twitter this morning.

The award-winning DJ, who has been in the music industry for over a decade, announced that he's no longer part of Mabala Noise.

Say what? And get this: he is the co-owner of the company!

When a fan asked if this isn't the same company he started, the DJ replied by mentioning that Apple founder, Steve Jobs, also left a company he started.

It looks like he's ready to start something new...

Early this year, Riky Rick also left the record label.

It looks like interesting times are ahead in the music business. And, if you're wondering what happened between Bongz and Mabala Noise, the DJ said he'll "communicate" it through his music.

Image credit: Facebook