DJ Black Coffee gives back to his old school

17 May 2017
DJ Black Coffee is making a difference.
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DJ Black Coffee is sharing his success with others. The South African DJ, who has made an international name for himself, has donated R200 000 to his old school.

According to Eastern Cape-based newspaper, Daily Dispatch, the DJ visited Zimele High School this week, where he spent R200 000 on revamping the school's computer room. The paper reported that Black Coffee was a student at the school in the late 1980s, when it was a junior secondary school.

The "We Dance Again" hitmaker visited the school with his mother, and addressed pupils during assembly. He encouraged them to dream big. Black Coffee was reportedly approached by the school principal, Vuyelwa Hady, who asked him to help with their computer room.

He told pupils that he agreed to help because he wanted them to have better opportunities. He said his mother assisted him with the project.

Check out the video of the DJ speaking to learners.

Image credit: Instagram