Desiigner stops by The Breakfast Club

17 May 2017
If this doesn't make your day, we don't know what will.
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Desiigner truly is one in a million.

The "Panda" hitmaker is widely known for his larger than life personality and seemingly endless supply of energy. The big question around the New York rapper though is, "Is he really like that in real life?" Well we finally got the answer and it's a resounding yes!


Earlier this week Desiigner stopped by The Breakfast Club for a chat with DJ Envy, Charlamagne and Angela Yee, and barely a minute in we saw the rapper displaying his trademark inaudible sentences complete with random adlibs and constant smile. The 23 minute interview is incredibly hilarious as Desiigner maintains the madness all in the middle of some very serious questions. It truly is a marvel to behold.

But if you don't believe us? Take a look for yourself below

Image credit: The Breakfast Club YouTube