Does Desiigner finally have another hit?

10 October 2016
Could this be as big as "Panda"?
When Desiigner first dropped "Panda", no one could have predicted how ridiculously big the single would become. However the challenge with having such an epic introduction into the game became matching or topping that success.

His mixtape 'New English' largely failed and even "Timmy Turner" struggled to meet the bar the GOOD Music signee had initially set for himself. That though seems to have all changed. This past weekend a new Desiigner single dropped on Apple Music's OVO Radio show courtesy of Vinylz and something tells us this one just might be the one to give Desiigner his second official banger!

For now all we have is a snippet but it shouldn't be too long before we get the full CDQ version. Give the track a listen below and let us know if you feeling this one.