Culoe De Song Announces Concept Album

20 June 2016
Culoe de song
The talent coming out of South Africa has been taking over dance music recently with a new sound, an infectious groove rooted in steady rhythms. Culoe De Song is one such artist who is leading the charge by championing an ‘Afro-techno’ hybrid style, consisting of a distinct blend of deep basslines alongside tougher-edged electronic elements.

His forthcoming LP is a reflection of a deeply rooted concept centered around a fictional world with a profound personal meaning:

“Washa is a story of overcoming fear and bringing faith into life," describes Culoe De Song. "Growing up, self-doubt has been my biggest enemy, but I seemed to achieve so many things when I address the will to do them. Like in the story, the Guzu Empire was saved through the powers of music and the energy generated through the act of rejoice. It’s the same for me, music has been my biggest saviour and I’ve fought my own enemies to the end with this great weapon."

Wile he's been around the dance music scene for many years, releasing critically acclaimed EPs on influential German label Innervisions, he's never given a piece of himself in a way that is presented on Washa. The tracks included are definitely dancefloor-ready, but the LP is more a reflection of the distinct South African sound, having both personal and spiritual meaning.

Listen to Zimele below and look for Washa to be released on July 8th via De Song Music

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