Could this be the return of Lloyd?

22 August 2016
Can he give us another "Southside"? We hope so!
This weekend we were admittedly caught up in the Frank Ocean hype. Thankfully though we've regained our composure and seemingly just in the knick of time.

The last time we really vibed to Lloyd track was back when he was tearing up the charts with "Dedication to My Ex" but since then it's been five long and quiet years without the cool crooner. That though seems to be changing. Back in May we got the first single from him titled "Tru" and now the video for the smooth ballad has dropped.

While we're not sure about the Jerry curl-esque hair he's rocking in the video, we must say it all brings back memories of that old school RnB we grew up on. Question becomes will it become the start of something special? Is Lloyd back?

Watch the "Tru" music video below and let us know:

For an extra throw back, here's "Southside" too. Thank us later.