Channel O: We're fans, fam!

09 October 2015
Thanks to the connective power of the internet we are closer to our music icons than ever before. We know their every move from tour dates, new releases, personal dramas and favourite dishes. We’ve even got their style pegged right down to the ‘T’. Heck, we even dress like them on most days, just for control!

It’s like we’re family and a family deserves an identity. Just like the famous Beliebers! So are you Chris Brown’s number one fan? Or is Rihanna your girl or maybe you are a Beyonce stan for life! We’ve found the perfect family for you!

Chris Brown fans – Team Breezy

You stood by him through thick, thin and prison stints, just like the die-hards you are. But just like Chris Breezy himself, you always stay true to who you are. And that’s why Team Breezy is one of the strongest fan bases around, because unlike others, you’re a bunch that’s loyal!

Rihanna fans – Rihanna Navy

Bad girl Ri-Ri always salutes her fans because she relates. Far from perfect, feisty and fearless, the pop icon inspires her fans, the Rihanna Navy, to make no apologies about who they are. She started calling her fans ‘The Navy’ after a role she played as a Naval officer in the movie Battleship. Like the navy, you guys are rebels with a cause. And just like your girl, you do it in fabulous style!

Beyonce fans – Bey Hive

Now you guys are a ferocious bunch! With Queen Bey placed on a skyscraper pedestal! Ya’ll coined this terms because like bees you can’t get enough of the honey that is your icon. Cheezy puns aside, you guys deserve first prize for being the most fierce and fabulous fan base around.

Nicki Minaj fans – Barbz

Strait out of her ‘Nicktionary’, Nicki calls her darling fans Barbiez – Barbz for short. For her, it’s a way of connecting to her fans, who she fondly refers to as friends. So if you’re part of this club, take pride in the fact that your icon’s got you.

Mariah Carey fan – Lambs

If you’re a Mariah Carey fan you’ve seen the glorious songbird grow from a starlet in the 90’s to the dazzling diva she is, and you've loved her every step of the way. She christened her fans Lambs as an ode to her faith in you guys!

Miley Cyrus fan – Smiler

Finally, if you’re a Smiler, go on with your bubbly selves! You guys took to the name after her own nick name as a happy babe. We’re pretty sure she adores you for that!

So which club do you belong to? Are you a Smiler by day and a Barb at night (because you thrive on irony!)? Or maybe your heart is a Lamb but your attitude is sold on the Rihanna Navy. Whichever you are, come out and play.

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