Chance The Rapper heading to SA

30 September 2016
Will you be getting your hands on a set of tickets?
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If you haven't been stuck on a lone island these past few months, you've probably found yourself rapping along to at least one of the infectious tracks off the timeless 'Coloring Book' album.

Well, Chance The Rapper fans will be beyond pleased to learn that the "No Problem" hitmaker is heading to South Africa's shores! According to Times Live, Chance will be putting on a show sometime early next year although word has it the event will be super exclusive and open to only a thousand people or so. *massive side eye*

Either way, considering how dope has consistently been, it might just be worth burning a whole in one's wallet to attend this one if you can get your hands on the tickets.

For now though we're going to through 'Coloring Book' on repeat and cross fingers that we make it onto the guest list!