Cashtime Life: Mzansi's hip hop empire

13 October 2015
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There is no hip hop collective in Mzansi that's as recognisable as the Cashtime Life crew right now. Collectively, the clique commands a high social community, individual members are busy with their own projects and they are also putting in work as a collective.

Could they be South Arica's very own YMCMB? Here are the top reasons why we think that Cashtime Life is pioneering a unique entity in South African hip hop.

Cashtime Life gear
It started with those "Cashtime Life" summer mash oversized vests that could be seen everywhere last summer. Then when winter came and a trendy range of tracksuits were released at almost R1000 a pop.

Clothing collabos

We have also seen them collaborate with urban youth brand Head Honcho via Sportscene to release their very own range of bucket Hats when these were the thing to have last year.

Making music as a collective
They have gone on to release music together with "Pasop" a single which features the whole dust gang: DJ Vigilante, Skhanda Queen Nomuzi, Mr. Cashtime K.O, MaE, KiDX and Maggz. The single was backed by a digital marketing strategy which involved an online magazine and it went onto to be the first South African hip hop song to play on Apple's Beats 1 Radio station's chart.

Rolling at gigs as a unit
You will hardly ever see one Cashtime Life member rolling solo. Maggz and Nomuzi recently concluded a birthday tour together, clique members can be seen in each other's videos-K.O's One time, Ma E's King Pin, Maggz's Cho Dlozi and they are often as a crew.

Members still get to do their own thing
Kid X is this week dropping an EP, K.O was recently seen touring East Africa, Nomuzi continues to slay as a presenter and model and Vigi is at every other cool gig including the recent Pop Bottles in Bloemfontein.

Is this the future business model for going into hip hop or do you think that individual members' identities get drowned by the unit brand? Share your thoughts on our official social media handles by checking out Twitter,Facebook and Instagram to join the online community.