Burna Boy Shows Mzansi Some Love

07 March 2016
Burna Boy is in SA so many times and for so long, you’d be excused for thinking he was a local artist.

Only hours after receiving an African Artist Of The Year award, the Nigerian took to Instagram to thank Mzansi for its support.

Thank you SA. Blessings. #1715 #martellVIC

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A few days later, Burna Boy returned to the platform, after a trip to Newlands East in Durban. In a touching post, he opened up about his love for the country and its people, calling it more of a home than his actual home.

"It's always the greatest blessing when the hood shows you genuine love. Not wanting a dime from me. Just real #LOVE . I felt more at home than even my own home. The kids, their parents, the G's, the OG's Love from everyone. And you wonder why I love South Africa so much! Thank you so much Newlands East Durban! I will never forget y'all," he wrote in the post.