Brandy is Beggin' & Pleadin'

06 January 2016
2016 is shaping up to be an interesting year for music. Timberland recently released new music from Aaliyah, Chris Brown gave us “Royalty”, Lupe Fiasco has promised us – not one, not two - but THREE albums in 2016; and this morning, we woke up to Brandy’s latest offering.

Brandy is back in full effect for 2016. In addition to starring in her own TV series “Zoe Ever After,” which recently premiered on TV, the R&B powerhouse has returned with a brand new song called “Beggin & Pleadin.”

Produced by Pop & Oak and co-written by Brandy and Kirby Lauren, the singer lays down some soulful vocals that will have you saying amen.

“Told you walk out that door and you can keep your last name / Now I’m down on my knees, it’s a shame,” belts Brandy, whose last album, Two Eleven, was released three years ago.

The song, which is “based on a true story,” has already received Missy Elliott’s co-sign. “Yassssss brandy you betta give us them revival church runs! Your vocals is top notch! Congrats!” she said.

Have a listen:


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