Black Coffee's banging remixes

13 July 2016
Whether you're grooving on a foreign island like Ibiza or jiving at the local bar around the corner, the party is seldom complete without at least one Black Coffee song colouring the evening's jubilation.

The South African DJ has consistently delivered hit after hit to his adoring fans the world over and although his original productions are nothing short of impeccable, it's his remixes that are one of the most coveted items in a disc jockey's CD bag.

Today at Channel O we decided to dig through the crates to find some of our favourite remixes by the living legend.

Take a look at Black Coffee's most banging remixes:

Hugh Masekela - Stimela

Depending who you ask, "Stimela" is widely regarded as the Black Coffee remix that sparked the beginning of an illustrious career. His re-interpretation of the revered Masekela's work was a step into uncharted territory but over a decade later it's clear that it was the best gamble Coffee could have ever taken.

Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey

Hey Hey is quite possibly one of the biggest dance records ever made this side of the century. By that virtue alone, it was a straight no go for remixers and bootleggers. But rarely phased by challenges, Black Coffee not only took it on, he did justice to it in a way no one else has been able to do since. (The Afefe Iku remix comes a close second though)

DJ Kent - Falling

If you thought people are going crazy over Pokemon Go, then you never saw how hard DJs fought to get their hands on this once highly exclusive remix. So loved was this rendition of a great DJ Kent production that some even forgot it wasn't the original! And all this is before we even discuss the almost mystical broken beat version that exists as well!

Avicii - Lay Me Down

This is probably the point we should have realised just how big a deal Black Coffee was becoming. Almost two years ago the DJ revealed a collaboration that was totally unfathomable; he had just remixed a song for none other than Sweden's superstar DJ, Avicii! If the news wasn't enough to blow the masses away, the subsequent remix itself certainly did the trick. Coffee managed to craft a production that upheld his signature African influences while presenting the tribal sound to an international stage in a manner that made them sit up and take notice. This one will never get old!

Alicia Keys - In Common

You'll be hard pressed to find a radio station that doesn't have this one on high rotation. The latest remix from Black Coffee is testament to how he continues to raise the bar for himself and South African music. We just hope we don't destroy the repeat button with this one!

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