Black Coffee's upcoming album will feature Pharrell and Akon!

28 May 2018
Our hottest export is definitely pressing on his advantage. Ever reshaping history, Mr. Coffee's new album is billed for release sometime in August
Black Coffee

He's one of South Africa's biggest music exports.

And after building a solid global footprint that has included amongst many mindblowing accolades Coachella performances, Las Vegas and Ibiza residences, and that private jet that has simplified his hectic globetrotting schedule, Black Coffee has now confirmed that a new album will be seeing the light of day by the dawn of the next summer.

Not only that, Pharrell and Akon will be in there doing it with Coffee. 

The looming album is the first body of work by the world-renowned DJ, who last blessed us with 2015's Piece Of Me. While fans across the earth have been kept dancefloor happy with such stand-alone bops as Your Eyes, it is the first time Coffee announced a full studio album post his Hollywood A-list entree. 

In an interview with Complex, Coffee revealed a few projects that he is working on, a list that includes some collaborative efforts with David Guetta, Yuna, Cassie. 

"I'm working with everyone I love. Akon, for years, has always been one of those people for me. He's also like a friend and a bigger brother", he said.  

Black Coffee also took the opportunity to open up a little bit more of what's inside his plans for the game. 



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