Black Coffee in the studio with Kelly Rowland

28 February 2019
Black Coffee is taking over the world and it's the content we've signed up for in here 😎
<p>Black Coffee and Kelly Rowland&nbsp;</p>

South Africa's hottest musical export is now also one of the world's most sought after producers, and it's really the kind of content we signed up for.

Black Coffee has delighted fans this week with behind the scenes type photos of the best creative life he's living behind the scenes - and ths time we got to see Kelly Rowland blushing away during a cute clip shared by Mr. Coffee on the Twitters. 

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Black Coffee, whose last full work came in the form of 2018's Music Is King EP, a 6 track House and Dance music dossier that amplified the House music producer's inaugural Music Is King concert at the Dome, is currently cooking new toons in the studio. 

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And years of touring the world, working with international acts and winning all the international DJ awards that matter, 2019 promises to be the year Black Coffee finally defines his globalprint.


In the latest series of pics posted in his social media accounts, Coffee has showcased productive shoulder rubbing with not only Kelly Rowland, but also Usher, Miguel and Sabrina Claudio. Yet, as he always does these things, there's still no word on the ground on when the world can expect the collaborative scorchers to premiere. 

Photo Credit: Black Coffee via Twitter