Beyonce's Latest Single, Formation

08 February 2016

Typically low-key about her activism Beyonce has just dropped a surprise single! Formation is a “siren call” to a cause the singer has been most vocal about, Black Lives Matter.

Not a typical pop star who is happy with doing nothing, Beyonce’s surprise video and song says something! A black power anthem for the masses released as the States start Black History Month, “Formation” is as much powerful, gritty, and unapologetic a message as it is another entry in Beyoncé’s canon of dance floor calls-to-arms.

“Formation” is a booming meditation on black identity, the validity and transience of a person’s roots and history, and the crushing interplay between power and helplessness, agency and victimization. Bask in it. Dance to it. Listen to it. But, for the love of god, hear it.

Listen to the track below:

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