Anatii pulls music from streaming platforms

13 June 2022
Acclaimed South African Hip Hop artist and record producer Anatii has removed his entire solo catalogue from digital streaming platforms.

Outside of guest features and collaborations, Anatii's solo music is no longer available on digital music streaming platforms.

The Saga hitmaker announced on Monday that he had pulled his entire solo studio discography from all streaming platforms.

The decision, which remained shrouded in mystery, has yet to be explained. Yet in a rare tweet posted on Monday afternoon, the Saga hitmaker shared that all his solo albums have been removed. "It's been good", he added and proceeded to express gratitude. 

The Hip Hop artist and record producer typically shuns the appeal of hypervisibility; his posts are far and few in between. So fans were shocked when he returned with news that his much-lauded projects would no longer be available to stream.

We could confirm that as of Monday afternoon, Anatti's solo albums were no longer available on multiple streaming platforms. 

While fans can still enjoy Be Careful What You Wish For, the joint album he released with AKA in 2017, they will not be able to blast his solo studio albums Artiifact (2016), as well as Iyeza (2018). "Don't do this bro", one fan tweeted among many that pleaded with Anatii. "I can't live without "Iyeza". It's my daily medicine." 

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