Amapiano: From South Africa to the World

07 February 2024
The country’s hottest sound takes the globe by storm! Here’s a few reasons why amapiano is one of our local favourite genres.

Amapiano is a South African club strain that’s equal parts slick and thunderous.

Seeping out of car windows and overflowing from clubs, amapiano is more than a genre of music – it is influencing style and dance and making an impact on South Africa’s music industry. From South Africa to the world, this vibrant genre has transformed spaces of dance and celebration into a pocket of South Africa’s dance culture.

Here’s what we’re loving about our local sound:

Vivacious Beats

Taking cues from deep, soulful house, jazz and lounge, and underpinned by a flirtatious and thunderous base, amapiano is characterised by atmospheric pads, synths and spacious bass lines that make the genre distinct, and contagious..


Amapiano has a playful energy that translates into dance moves that carry the sound. From social media to the groove dancefloors, the genre's signature beat will always be accompanied by a popular dance move.


Amapiano has become an inclusive genre – where men and women of all genres step into the scene. It is a representation of what Black South African youth today looks like – from fashion, to what they feel and what they sound like.

Of course, we are lovers of the genre, but with so many great amapiano jams it’s hard to pin down our favourite songs. So we had to hear from you:

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