AKA to quit music?

15 May 2019
AKA says he's honestly over fame
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It looks like AKA might be going through some possibilities, and fans are wondering if one of them are to leave the music business. 

The rapper, who last year announced Touch My Blood as his final album, before withdrawing the early album retirement, did it again on Wednesday when he stunned fans in a series of tweet. 

Celebrating the new milestone of his latest no-so-last album hitting double platinum in record sales, Supermega revealed that he isn't even able to properly celebrate this feat. "There's gotta be more to life than making hot records." 

This wouldn't be the first time AKA shook the table on Twitter, especially as far as his career is involved. 

This year alone, the Congratulate Me hitmaker hinted to a growing need for him to change his name from AKA into, well, something else that isn't AKA. King Forbes ended up being the name he opted for effective as soon as his next album drops, a date which still floats freely in the ether. 

Do you think he means it this time?